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Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required of all members and their guests at all times on Wallingford Country Club property. It is the members’ responsibility to inform members of their household and/or their guests of the Club’s Dress Code policy. Dress Code violations may result in the member and/or guest being denied privileges. The management staff of the Wallingford Country Club will enforce the dress code standards.


Proper Dress Code is as follows:


  • Collared shirts, turtlenecks and/or mock turtlenecks are all appropriate attire.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, unless they have a banded or ribbed bottom. 
  • Women may wear sleeveless, collarless shirts or jewel neck shirts.


  • Shorts cannot be more than five (5) inches above the knee.


  • The Wallingford Country Club is a spike-less facility.
  • Metal spikes of any type are not allowed.
  • Spike-less golf shoes are allowed throughout the property, including the clubhouse.


  • Hats and/or visors are inappropriate attire for the clubhouse area.
  • Hats when worn on the course are to be worn in the standard acceptable manner (brim facing forward).

The following are considered unacceptable attire: T-shirts; tank tops; low cut shirts; mesh shirts; sweat suits;  halter tops; gym shorts; tennis shorts; coaching shorts; cut-offs; cargo shorts or cargo pants; running, biking or spandex shorts; or any other dress of a similar nature.  Jeans or denim of any type/color are not allowed anywhere with the exception in the Grill Room.  Jeans must be in good repair, no rips, tears, frayed ends or holes and must fit appropriately (no excessively baggy denim).

Golfing attire should be clean and presentable.

Jackets, when indicated for a function, are mandatory attire for that function.